Our Capabilities

The nature of our clients and engagements span many operational domains and disciplines. Our core capability is providing the top talent to solve any problem. We provide integrated solutions across the following domains:

  • Data Mobility & Advanced Analytics
  • Data Mobility & Advanced Analytics power our entire national security portfolio. We respond to the way data is produced and deliver innovative analyses of those data sets to the right individuals at the right time.

    The ability to synchronize and share information fluidly and seamlessly across a broad set of platforms is the essence of Data Mobility. Decision makers need only log on to any device to have immediate access to all of the settings, data, and applications they use to efficiently predict, simulate, and optimize results.

    Using our Data Mobility and Advanced Analytics solution, our customers can rapidly make sense of a vast array of structured and unstructured data sets to enable timely, evidenced-based decision-making – often in mission-critical environments and zero-tolerance settings.

  • Cyber and SIGINT Processing
  • Cyber and SIGINT Processing capabilities provide the intelligence community with innovative solutions that address cyber threats and protect valuable information and key assets. Leveraging our advanced analytics skill set, our software developers, engineers, and mission experts develop solutions that ingest and integrate real-time data to develop operational views of cyber events that provide a high level of situational awareness of those events. We employ software architecture and engineering best practices, cyber operations skills, SIGINT tradecraft, software-defined radio expertise, and advanced analytics processes and tools – paired with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ missions – to help achieve operational success.

  • C4ISR and Multi-INT
  • Today, challenges associated with developing, integrating, delivering and supporting complex C4ISR and Multi-INT Fusion systems-of-systems are more significant than ever. Higher level fusion programs allow for solutions that are more significant than the sum of the data supplied.

    This confluence of technical, operational, and fiscal challenges is where Serentek excels. We help our customers transform new and known information into unprecedented levels of data abstraction, allowing them to understand what is going on more quickly than would otherwise be possible. This allows for timely decisions, made as events occur and situations change. As a recognized leader in advanced analytics for the C4ISR and Multi-INT tactical domains, we integrate cloud, Big Data, and defensive cyber technologies to meet warfighters’ needs for real-time actionable intelligence, all the way to the tactical edge.

  • Open Source and Enterprise Architectures
  • Open Source Intelligence and Enterprise Architectures ingest large volumes and varieties of data, analyze diverse data sets, protect data assets, and enable more productive information sharing, allowing our customers to identify relevant and reliable information from vast amounts of publicly available data.

    Enterprise data collection, storage, visualization, and analytics offer optimum value when considered together to yield tailored insight for specific missions. We successfully address the Big Data challenges of our customers’ critical enterprise systems and manage risks related to the ingestion, processing, storage, and transmission of large and complex data sets.

    Together, our OSINT and Enterprise Architectures bring the full power of enterprise-wide data to critical mission users. We provide organizations with a thorough understanding of predictive analysis and decision-support systems, adding a much higher degree of certainty and predictability to mission critical operations.

For more specifics on what we can offer to your mission need, contact us.

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